What Makes us Different?

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LifeGuide™brings a completely new approach to senior planning. With decades of experience helping people with financial, medical and emotional situations, we take a holistic approach to assisting our clients better manage their golden years.

Our top executives have assisted thousands of seniors facing complex financial issues, offering innovative and caring solutions that help retirees make the most of their assets and improve their retirement years. Recognized experts in senior planning and founders of companies that pioneered new financing options, our leadership team understands the challenges faced by seniors and is committed to offering only the best answers.

First the Big Picture - What is the Problem You Want to Solve?

Because we comprise a network of helpful organizations dedicated to seniors, we can provide a variety of solutions to our clients. Our first question is not "How can we sell a product to you?" but rather "What issue is causing your financial distress or anxiety?" Our first focus is on our client and understanding their big picture needs.

  • Are you struggling to make ends meet?
  • Do end of life issues concern you?
  • Are you frustrated because you have assets of value but no understanding of how to put them to work for you?

We will help you create a safe, secure and detailed assessment of your assets and compare this against your long- and short-term needs. We will then have our experts review your overall situation (keeping your wishes in mind) and provide strategies that can help you. We provide these services free of charge and before we ever discuss exact details of transactions or commitments.

Next the Details - What is the right path for your specific situation?

Once we have completed the assessment, we will have a better understanding of your needs and then make sensible recommendations.

If you have a life insurance policy, we will explain how a life insurance conversion may provide immediate cash for you and your family. Such funds can be annuitized, for example, and then provide regular monthly payments to help you make ends meet. And if you are concerned about giving up your life insurance, we can suggest a retained death benefit transaction which enables you to keep a portion of your insurance for your loved ones. We will match you to the best company to meet your goals - again, with your needs and wishes in mind.

If you own your home, we will explain how a reverse mortgage can provide monthly payments directly to you and improve your financial situation - while letting you remain in your home. We will give you in-depth information about the pros and cons of such transactions and help you make the right choice to meet your goals.

If you have been involved in a lawsuit and are currently receiving the proceeds from a structured settlement, we will explain how such settlements may be converted into lump sum payments - enabling a senior to access the entirety of the funds immediately. Transactions such as these help you pay for an immediate need that might otherwise seem unattainable.

At LifeGuide, we know that every senior is a unique individual with specific needs and desires. Our commitment to you is that we will find the right solution in a safe and secure manner - and with a singular dedication your needs.

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