Selling Your Life Insurance

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You can sell an existing life insurance policy for cash.

Stop struggling to pay the required premium to your insurance company or even worse, letting your policy lapse because you simply can't afford the on-going premium payments. You may be able to sell it today and use the proceeds for any one of a million different reasons. Pay your bills. Enjoy some breathing room. Renovate your home. Take a dream vacation. Donate to your favorite charity. Regardless of what your goals are, selling your policy can provide you the means to make your retirement as wonderful and exciting as it should be.

You can also relieve premium pressure.

A financial option for seniors has come of age in the past few years as a way for seniors to pull value from a life insurance policy that they no longer need or want. Selling all or a portion of your policy may be the answer to access immediate cash. A special finance company purchases the policy, pays the premiums and then collects the death benefit when the insured passes away. These transactions make the most sense for seniors and retirees who have insurance policies that have become too expensive, or if their financial need for the policies has changed. For example, a policy might be purchased with a spouse as beneficiary, but, after a divorce or the death of the beneficiary, the policy becomes an unnecessary financial burden. Also, in many cases, escalating premium costs become a financial drag for seniors, and they choose to sell a policy rather than surrender it to the life insurance company for less money or allow it to lapse.

For those holding universal life insurance policies, cost of insurance ("COI") charges may also be impacting premium requirements. COI charges have been on the rise, adding another reason why some policyholders may be looking for an exit that could be supplied by this new and creative golden opportunity.

Existing life insurance policies may have current value that you did not know existed. Now is the time to take advantage of this new and exciting opportunity. When you sell an unwanted or unneeded life insurance policy, you may be able to unlock substantial value that you likely didn't even know was there.