Retained Life Benefits

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Retained Life Benefits are a new offering that promises to please you and your beneficiary.

For years, clients have been asking if it is possible to sell only a portion of life insurance policy so that their beneficiaries could receive at least a partial payout when the insured dies. The answer to that question has just recently arrived. By selling only a portion of a policy, beneficiaries retain a percentage of the policy death benefit without any future premium obligation.

This type of transaction works best with Universal Life policies with face values ranging from $1 million-$20 million. This provides a great option for seniors and retirees who are searching for ways to improve their golden years. Retained life benefits transactions offer a way to get relief from rising premium costs while still being able to provide a financial payout to loved ones in the future, albeit not the full death benefit. By selling a portion and keeping a portion, a policyholder gets the best of both worlds.