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When we talk about the "Golden Years," our minds almost always begin picturing happy seniors playing golf, taking hand-in-hand walks on the beach and traveling to favorite locations with friends and family. At LifeGuide, the retirement that you may dream of is the retirement we want for all of our clients.

Yet we know it is not necessarily easy, and many may feel that it is unattainable. We read the papers too, and we see that nearly one in five Americans 65 and older are still working, while even more say they will "keep working as long as possible." Some don't plan to retire at all because they are just not prepared for it. Sadly, the conventional wisdom is that we all need to "save more," but how can we save more when money is so tight as it is? Sometime it seems like the financial planning community is not living in the same America that we are.

LifeGuide is here to help all seniors, but we have a particular focus on those Americans who clearly need help funding their Golden Years - and paying for the many expenses of life that just seem to get more and more expensive each day.

How do we do this? First, we help seniors make the most of their existing assets. After spending years helping individuals turn non-performing assets into ready-cash, we have developed processes to quickly and securely analyze your situation and help you get the most from assets that you may already have. Second, we provide guidance to help you save money on everything from everyday items, to life saving products and even financial services.

Most importantly, we do all of this free of charge. We will never ask you for a payment of any kind as we simply provide guidance and access to products, services and strategies that will help you improve your life now and in the future. We will refer you to our network of helpful providers but only to those companies that will assist you in making your retirement years truly golden.