Options for How to Survive the Financial Strain of Cancer Treatments


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The sad reality is that a diagnosis of cancer not only prompts emotional and physical trauma, but it can also cause families traumatic financial strain. While it may seem out of the ordinary to consult with a money manager when faced with a serious or terminal illness, what you may soon realize is that it can help you to survive this disease with both your wealth and your health intact.

The rising cost of healthcare has led more cancer patients to sink into financial despair, and research shows that if you’re being treated for cancer, you are 2 ½ times more likely to declare bankruptcy when compared to individuals without a cancer diagnosis. [1]

As you, or a loved one, is fighting to regain control of your health, the last thing you need is a hospital or treatment bill that adds stress and financial strain to your life. This happens far too often and has been deemed as financial toxicity by the National Cancer Institute. That’s why it’s essential to consider a consultation with a financial navigator. These experts can help investigate and share information about how to find cost-saving treatment options and health insurance plans that won’t deplete your bank account.   Scott Page, the CEO of LifeGuide Partners, is happy to discuss how to find funds to cover cancer treatment and lifestyle expenses while also detailing what causes financial toxicity. Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D. further discusses what to expect, financially, during cancer treatment. 

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About Scott Page

Scott Page is the CEO of LifeGuide Partners and focuses exclusively on educating seniors on financial opportunities. He is the author of It's Never Too Late: Getting Older, Wiser, and Worry Free in Our Golden Years and has appeared as a guest expert on Fox, NBC Nightly News and 20/20. Page’s expert advice has been featured in Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and he regularly contributes to Forbes and Huffington Post as well. One of his most significant contributions to the industry was enlisting Emmy Award winning actress Betty White as the spokesperson for the life insurance settlement industry in order to help raise awareness. 

About Dr. Carlos M. Garcia M.D.

As the Director of Medicine at Utopia Wellness in Tampa Bay, Carlos M. Garcia, M.D. has focused his career on assisting those suffering from serious illness such as cancer. He has additional certifications from the American Board of Chelation Therapy and is the author of Cancer is a Symptom: The Real Cause Revealed.  Dr. Garcia is an active member of the International College of Integrative Medicine, American College for the Advancement of Medicine and the American Holistic Health Association. 

[1] According to studies from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle.