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Fast Tracking your Clients

Our main focus is to save you and your client time and money.

We have built the most sophisticated data and analytics systems in the world to identify hidden value in your clients existing life insurance policy. With your cooperation, we will provide you with a YES or NO fast - versus the traditional "hurry-up and wait". Our streamlined and easy to understand process will provide a value-range (dollar amount) for your client's policy, based on industry standard pricing guidelines. At that point, you will have the information you need to have a realistic discussion with your client about the best possible solution. Find out why financial professionals are skipping the traditional broker merry-go-round and coming direct to us.

Advisors are constantly looking for the best and fastest ways to help their clients.

An existing life insurance policy may be the answer. For many clients, insurance is a financial product that they largely forget about. Whether it's for a car, home, health or a life, clients prefer to have that insurance policy sit in the background of their lives. When clients use insurance, it usually means something has gone wrong, such as a car accident, roof damage, a hospital stay or, most sadly, a death. In fact, most people don't think about insurance very often and very few know about this option. We can help you change that. Converting an old, non-preforming life insurance policy into immediate cash can be a life-changing solution for many of your clients. Some policies may be term coverage, but in many cases, that coverage can be converted into another policy and sold so that the premiums are not a burden to them or their families.

Here's a fact.

According to a recent Penton Research study, December 2014, the vast majority of financial advisors are either unfamiliar with life settlements, or are familiar with them but have never recommended them to clients. The primary benefit of life settlements for clients and advisors today is an opportunity for clients to put more money in motion for investments or other pursuits. This provides a major opportunity for financial advisors to advance client portfolios and bring more assets under management.